Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Improve your Memory with a good night's Sleep.....

Sleep is essential for memory consolidation as well as overall health. Research suggests that six to eight hours of sleep a night is ideal for most people. Perhaps even more important than the amount of sleep is the quality of sleep. For better sleep and memory, try the following:
‧ Establish and maintain a consistent sleep schedule and routine. Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning.
‧ Plan to do your most vigorous exercise early in the day. Exercising in the hours immediately before bedtime causes physiological changes that interfere with sleep.
‧ Avoid coffee and other sources of caffeine (e.g., chocolate, many soft drinks, some brands of aspirin, many types of tea) after midmorning, because caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you awake for hours afterward.
‧ Avoid napping during the daytime. Napping can disrupt your natural sleep cycle and prevent you from feeling tired enough to fall asleep at night.
‧ Don't take sleeping pills unless nothing else works. If you do take a prescription sleep medicine, work with your doctor to use it effectively but only on a short-term basis.
‧ Don't try to sleep if you're not tired; otherwise you'll set yourself up for tossing and turning. If you're still awake after about 20 minutes in bed, get up and read awhile to relax.


Anonymous said...

Current default behaviour is 5dp

Dp can be changed, if AvgPx config enabled

1. We are getting turnover and Totalquantity field from XTP and then converting the current value to double for our calculation

2. Sending to XTP

3. After getting the incoming fix message CUMQTY and AVGPX we calculate :

TotalQuantityFilled = atoi(apMessage->GetField(FIX_CUMQTY));
AvgPx = atof(apMessage->GetField(FIX_AVGPX));
Turnover = (AvgPx * TotalQuantityFilled) * 10000;

4. Assign in XTP Turnover field(Turnover=);

5. Sending Back to the client

6. Populating in FIX_AVGPX(tag 6) with 5 or 6 precision value of (Turnover/TotalQuantityFilled);

Do we need to implement this change in both XTp 5.0 and xtp 6.0
If we need in XTP 5.0 then will the StatusFlag be available in both Pre-transport upgrade and Transport.
We have to deliver for pre- transport and transport upgrade in different stream for binary build.

Anonymous said...

Mail1: Fixengine should point to fixjc.dll after transport patching. It won't work with the older binary and hence please update all the fixengine which uses the custom binary. The reason why I am suggesting this is because the older binary is not compatible with new Transport.


As I mentioned in my earlier email, it is better to do client test on or before march 15, if any (as moving from custom binary to fixjc.dll). If we are not able to migrate custom binary fixclient to default fixjc.dll, please let Addison Tessa know earlier and he could be able to reschedule the release on Fix Boxes a week later.


We have already confirmed with Ian that the fix engine binaries will be included as part of the installation script (NSI binary release). We would like to get the FIX Engine boxes (XTP-LDN-PRD-FIX6 and XTP-LDN-PRD-DIST3) upgraded with the release as there are also a couple of changes waiting to go out for the fix engines. I will be available over the phone, if there is any support required.

There is no bandwidth configured for this client in the production, so what ever is the default it supports.

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